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Welcome! Thanks for stopping by The EntreSuccess Project! I founded the EntreSuccess Project with the vision to help aspiring entrepreneurs build a life and business by design learning the art of realtionship sales.

There are so many people who dread sales because they are not good at it, afraid of rejection or think sales is a dirty word. I am here to show you that if you learn to sell with a servant’s mentality, you will eventually learn to love a process by knowing you are helping others fill a need through your products or services.

The time is now to realize that you have the ability to create a business that you are passionate about. Once you master the art of sales and build your confidence, you will always have the ability to create something from nothing.

The path to creating this lifestyle, is a journey not a destination. With handwork, grit and the burning desire to succeed, you have the ability to create a better life for you and your family.

As you start your journey to true financial freedom, don’t forget to grab my guide at the top of the page which will show you the top five sales mistakes Entrepreneurs make on their path to success.

Never Ever Give Up and Always Keep on Pushing on.

Yours Truly,

Chris D:)

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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by the Entresuccess Project! Let’s connect. I take pride in personally getting back to everyone who reaches out to me. I look forward to hearing from you:)


It is my goal to help you build and grow your lifestyle business by learning to become better at the game of sales. Take a look at some of my featured blog posts, articles and interviews that will give you some great take away’s.


I believe in taking action, getting results and achieving success. My coaching programs are designed to help you get the results you want, guaranteed. I want to help you live life by design.


Interesting Facts About Entrepreneurship

Percent of Entrepreneurs Earning More Than Traditional Employees
Percent of Entrepreneurs Operating Out Of Their Home Full Time
Percent of Individually Owned and Operated Businesses . The Solopreneurs
Percent of Entrepreneurs With Reported Increase In Happiness Levels



Welcome to The EntreSuccess Project! My name is Chris Diaz and I am a serial entrepreneur, relationship sales guy, marketing nerd and bonafide foodie! I am just like you, we are trying to build our life around what we are passionate about. As Entrepreneurs, we make bad employees! We are creatives that want freedom in our lives and work, but unfortunately, sometimes we get stuck in jobs that suck the life out of us physically and emotionally. I founded The EntreSuccess Project with the vision of helping as many aspiring Entrepreneurs as possible, not have to wake up on Monday morning and hate the J-O-B that they have to go to. My goal is to to teach you to connect with people inorder to create relationships that lead to raving fans that know, like and trust you.